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Few words about our company

ZENIT TANK FARM LLC was built on the standard of exceptional service, reliability and trustworthy relationships- all while keeping the client's confidentiality in mind. Years of successful business have made us a force in the community that is recognized from our management team experience.

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ZENIT TANK FARM LLC has achieved that by implementing the system of incoming test (initial check) of materials used in production. It ensures using only materials meeting the requirements of technical norms and conditions, state regulations and project documentation for each exact item.

Initial material check includes the test of surface quality, geometric parameters, chemical composition and mechanical features.The system of incoming test allows reducing the level of manufacturing defects to a degree, much lower than the one, stipulated by the branch standards. 


Material initial check

Production of quality tank metal structures demands high-quality materials.

Storage and relocation of materials

We keep materials and other units in dry warehouse facilities.

Quality control

The results of the quality tests are included in the set of associated documents for the tank.

Tank roof metal frameworks production

Production technologies for the roof metalwork of a storage tank vary depending on its type.

Per-sheet method

The second method of production of tank frameworks is the per-sheet assembly of the walls and bottoms. It implies that the wall sheets of maximum size 2500x10000 mm and the bottom sheets.

Storage and relocation of materials

In the course of storage and relocation of materials within the territory of production site it is essential to ensure their safety, in particular – to protect them against moisture and mechanical damage.

Our partners:

Jordan Technologies

began operations in 1980 as a service company vapor recovery systems in the United States. Over the years we have grown to a global manufacturer and provider of services to the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries. Jordan Technologies is responsible for the elimination of more than 500,000 kg of volatile organic compounds per year.

SDA Control Systems AB

As a result of joint consultation between the leadership of the Swedish company Promprylad and SDA Control Systems AB brokered adviser William Daley preliminary agreement was reached on the establishment of partnerships between firms.

Brodie International

Former division Emerson Electric - American leader in the design and manufacture of high-precision measuring systems (flow meters, control valves and related components) for the oil and gas industry.

CGH Polska Sp. z oo

was established in 1997 in Bydgoszcz, based on years of experience of partner companies from Poland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Using the experiences of Polish and Western European engineers, based on Polish and international standards, the company began to produce double-walled tanks for the storage of flammable liquids.


Integrated Automation petrol stations and tank farms, equipment for gas stations, development of solutions for industrial automation

JSC "Horis"

• development of automation systems PFS; • installing and configuring the system to the customer; • servicing gas stations.

JSC "Gidromashservice"

Design and manufacture of pumping equipment, powertrain and complex hydraulic systems for various industries, energy, pipeline transportation, water conservancy and utilities.

HC "Pure World M"

designer and manufacturer of hardware and systems designed for cleaning surfaces, sludge, soil and other objects from the hydrocarbon (oil) compounds and waste.


of complete supply of equipment for the gas station and MTAZS. Car production buildings (car wash and service station).


Production of fuel trucks, tankers, bowsers.

JSC "AlexeevkaKhimmash"

One of the leading companies in the development, production and sales of specialized equipment for storage and transportation of petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gas, liquid carbon dioxide (CO2), ammonia (NH3) and other liquid products.

Company "STIM"

engaged in development, integration and provision of operator services in the field of telematics, automated information control systems, supervisory control, accounting, and security of the transport complex of enterprises, based on the use of advanced technology and communication systems, satellite positioning GPS.